DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming soap has been out there for some time, but I never bought it. My first problem is seeing a disclaimer on the back of soap, telling customers you have to buy special refill soap just to use the same bottle again. Right away I know it’s all about the company getting customers to buy more of their product just to keep a previous product working, and to add to that matter, the store which sold several foaming soaps didn’t carry the refill soaps. So far this foam wasn’t winning me over one bit, and it didn’t help when I looked up the entire process in which made it foam.

How does it foam you ask? The pump adds air to the soap making it thick and foamy- The ingredients to foaming soap? Soap, and water. So basically your paying extra money for watered down soap that is foamy from air itself. You are really paying for the pump, and that becomes useless unless you find the correct refill. Seems like a big waste to me, and the price already had me wondering what special powers it has. Needless to say foaming soaps have stayed clear of my house, that was until my boyfriend brought the soap into the house, which he raved about enough until I finally tried it.

What I noticed was, You use far less foaming soap than the other but with the same amount of lather and gets the job done. With four kids who constantly wash up I am always refilling soap dispensers so it had intrigued me that I may not have to refill so often. Still, the problem is within refills, either not being in the stores or being pricey for simply being watered down soap just to keep using a pump. Not happening in this house, so I waited patiently until the foam dispenser was finally empty so that I can try out a recipe for foaming soap!

DIY Foaming Soap
12-ounces of distilled water ( or you may boil it and let it cool)
2 Tablespoons Liquid Castille Soap
½ tsp almond oil ( helps keep your skin soft! you may use coconut oil as well)
**15 drops of Essential oils of choice for scent (optional) I used Doterra’s On Gaurd protective blend.

Add in the water first, then add in the castile soap, and then the oil. If using essential oils add them in as well. Put the dispenser back on and gently swish it to mix to avoid bubbles. Use as you would any other soap.
It foams up so nicely! While the liquid castile soap already moisturizes your skin, the added almond oil (or coconut) oil helps even more.

Easy , frugal and you can create different scents to your liking or have no scents at all. I use Dr. Bronners Castile soap for all my DIY cleaning supplies and soaps. One bottle also lasts a long time!
There’s many scented soaps and then unscented, so pick which you prefer, they are lightly scented and all 100% natural as well, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best product.

Doterra’s On Guard On Guard is used to support the immune system, and also helps kill off harmful bacteria and viruses, containing five essential oils -wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon bark/leaf, eucalyptus leaf and rosemary leaf/flower.

Enjoy your DIY Foaming Soap!

Want to check out more about essential oils? Head over to here , or email me if you’d like to ask some questions!

Come back next Thursday for another DIY cleaner recipe to use around the house!

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