Don’t wait for someone to believe in you ~ To Believe In Yourself

One of my biggest hurdles in life has always been believing in myself. A friend, family member, my children, they need boosting I am on it! I am lifting them up, directing their thoughts and attention to all that they are made up of, all that they are, all that they can be! When it comes to myself I get halfway through the ” Yes I can do-” , hand goes from raised in the air to a sudden pause while the ” Yes” turns into ” Wait, “What if” and bam! Down goes my energy. 


It’s come to light over the years that I took way too much of my time and energy into looking to others for my own source of belief. It’s not easy to admit but through the years it had been difficult to keep my own train of thought of myself a priority, and a positive one at that at times. It hit me a couple years back actaully that I do not need anyone to believe in me, not one person. While I appreciate it, I don’t need it. Life slowed down for me then in many ways and I began to focus on myself.  Changing my thoughts from questioning whether or not I can, and changing it to~  I CAN, I WILL, I AM , changed everything. I stopped disbelieving in myself, stopped waiting for someone else to believe in me and started believing in myself, for myself. 

Don’t wait for someone to believe in you ~ To Believe In Yourself.

Look within yourself , slow everything down and focus on where your thoughts are. Are you questioning yourself? Well if you are, Stop. Just stop!

Questioning yourself is doubting yourself, and there’s no room for that any longer. Start thinking with a positive outlook, I Can, I Will, I Am. Say it over and over again, the more you say it the more your brain is going to move forwards with it. When you question yourself you are telling your brain, “No,  Don’t, Stop, Can’t , Fail ” making yourself your own worse enemy before you even begin. You slow yourself down, you are actaully wiring your brain to function with never ending doubt, and it keeps going around and around. 

When you say “I Can, I Will, I Am” , your brain hears ” Yes, Yes , Yes, Yes!” and you start moving into overdrive. It kick stars your brain, instead of hearing ” No, stop, don’t”  it’s on the move with ” YES I CAN” There’s excitement with a lot of forward thinking, and you will begin moving forwards . You are no longer holding yourself back, you are no longer doubting, and without that doubt there is no stopping you any longer.  You are propelling yourself forwards ~ Yourself!

You become your thoughts, that of which you think- becomes you, and that is what matters. Always be aware of where your thoughts are , change the negative questions into positive affirmations. Each time you say something bad about yourself, stop and say twice as many positive things about yourself, because You Can, You Will, and You Are!