Tunnel Vision

Look infront of you. Now Look to your right. Now to your left, and then look behind you. What you saw before you is not the same as what you saw to your right, left or behind you. Even the slightest inch over to where you were looking will be different.

So why is it at times our minds only see one way during some situations? Why is it we can have tunnel vision?It’s as simple as our perspective. Our entire focus is making it difficult to see past what is directly before us, and we tend to box ourselves in- blinding ourselves.

Look in front of you again, with your hands up blocking your side views. You only see what is right before you correct? Now turn around slowly with your hands still blocking those side views- you are forcing yourself to look only what is directly before you and missing everything else around you. Even as you turn you are still only seeing a partial view of a much larger world. This is what our minds do when we think negative. 

Our most frustrated times comes when we have boxed ourselves in with tunnel vision as all our focus is solely on negative, just as our hands were forcing our eyes to a limited view. When this happens, we make ourselves feel trapped or helpless with no way out. Keeping our thoughts directed at something negative in any situation keeps us blind to an unlimited world around us.Change Your Focus 

Just as we find ourselves in this kind of position it is important to step back and shift our focus. Not focusing on what is going wrong, or what we don’t have, what had just happened, or what isn’t happening, but beyond that. We must remind ourselves that there is much more beyond the negative, more than one solution, and more than one view of things than we can immediately see.  Switching focus from negatives to positives opens our minds back up to so much more, negative thinking shut our minds down. Focusing on positives, no matter how small, we start to notice even more positives,  more possibilities , we see no limits.
Be More Open 
Take the blinders off and see how much bigger the world around you gets, how much more you are able to see. 
As our minds zero in on negative we need to step back, and breathe, expand our view. Learn to look elsewhere , not in just one direction. We need to be open to not just one way of doing something or one solution to issues but open to many others. Be open to reaching out to another who may help , it may seem difficult but someone outside the issue can help point out things missed within the issue. Most importantly changing the direction and focus of our thoughts can bring an array of new answers and opportunities our way, some of which were right before us the entire time- we were just so focused on the bad stuff we didn’t see the good stuff. 

 Open your mind to different possibilities,  views  and opportunities, and you will start to see them wherever you look. Look Beyond what is directly in front of you. 

9 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision

  1. Divya

    I think sometimes I’m so deep in my tunnel that I don’t know how to look at things any differently than I’m already looking at it. In that way, it’s been nice to open up to some of my family members and friends so they can provide the lens in which I can look at it differently.

  2. Saidah Washington

    I try so hard not to get into this space unless it with my finances. We have a goal of being debt free in two years and looking at all of the shiny objects I could buy wold throw me off course.

  3. Erica Schwarz

    Love you message here. I used to be very tunnel-visioned, with a myopic view of the world, politics, and my place in it all. One thing i appreciate is how over the past couple years, I feel I have grown tremendously to see a bigger picture, more view points, shades of grey. 🙂

  4. Marielle Altenor

    This is one of the many reasons I love my SO. He doesn’t have tunnel vision like I do. He always sees the possibilities when things seem more obscure to me!

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