Tingle of Taste

 This snack can be done to your tastes, the basic of this is, french bread, Mozzarella cheese (the ball of cheese, not shredded or the sliced, though sliced could work.) Plus toppings.
    Many may not like this, it’s refreshing to me though, a wonderful quick pick me up on any day, it’s tasty. I make a Marinated Mozzarella & tomatoes dish for dinner at times, leftovers become this snack, so the cheese has already been marinated in the red wine vinegar. (you can just drizzle the cheese with the vinegar)

Since I throw this together all I do is dice up a yellow onion, Jalapeno, some Cilantro & a tomato. Throw it into a bowl to keep in the fridge. You can make as much as you want, I make this on Sunday & it’s ready to be used all week long. Add more of anything you want, or less even if you don’t care for the Jalapeno.
Slice up  Mozzarella cheese and drizzle some Red Wine Vinegar on it (about 2tbs depends on if you like the taste of not. I warm it up on a plate in the microwave (for only a few seconds at a time till it’s just soft), and place on a slice of french bread. let the bread soak up the vinegar, sprinkle with dill & top with the Tomato/onion mixture.
It’s a nice side to a meal too, goes along with some fish 🙂
Hope you enjoy!