A foggy, Tree Falling Week

This week has been crazy. With Halloween coming up, I’ve had the kids parties to bake for, costumes to finish getting. I’ve completely forgot to get Halloween candy though, how on earth does that happen!?
We’ve had heavy fog, plus days on end rain which left us scrambling to stay dry everyday to school. We lost a jacket, one shoe and even keys this week due to this rainy craze. We also keep waking up to this heavy fog.

Our street, though  in person the fog is much thicker and you really can’t see 10 feet in front of you.
Even though you can’t see it, this is my children’s school, and the soccor Field. It’s spooky some days as it’s super quiet. Behind the school is a mountain, dare you to find it 🙂

If you look in the back, there’s kids within the fog. The camera doesn’t seem to pick up the amount of it, but it was interesting to walk through.
Along with the heavy rain, I came back from from the park to see this, our tree uprooted itself.
It’s hard to see, but that’s our massive persimmons tree,which is now leaning right over onto the fence.
The tree is now Crushing my Garden  🙁
My plants!!!!!!!!!

To the left is the rest of my garden plants, the right is now the tree which is rushing my cucumber, peppers, and 4 tomato plants.
It’s near the end of the garden season at least. We’ve got the rest of my heirlooms and big beef steak tomatoes away from the damaged tree thank goodness. Picked most the peppers and cucumbers as well, so there wasn’t that much taken away. We also had frost this week, crazy I know. The tomatoes close to being ripe were split completely open due to the quick dip in temperature which didn’t help to the already crushing vegetables. I saved what I could, and am covering the plants over night to keep it from frosting anymore. So, not all was lost.
Plus, I do have this

Happy Coffee!
Have a Safe Halloween everyone, enjoy your weekend!
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