Stepping Stones Review

Reading has always been such a great passion of mine. So many stories, adventures, puzzles and mysterious with every turn of the page. As a mother of four now, I am just as excited as I was as a child to pick up a new book, not just for myself, but for my kids. Seeing the looks on my children’s faces light up with books, is amazing. There’s something about seeing them get those first words, finishing their first book and begging for another that will always stick with me.

   Reading is meant to be fun, so why can’t the learning be fun just as well? As parents we’re always trying to think of ways to keep our kids going, keep challenging them and see them succeed.
Stepping Stones Together has made that even easier to reconnect that goal with parents and their children.
   Stepping Stones Together is a very affordable reading program ($19.99 for the 60 day program but access for 90 days, full year is $39) for parents to get an active part in their children’s reading skills. With vocabulary words, most used nouns as well as word frequency, this program gives both child and parent the tools to make a stronger reader.

  I have two school aged children, the oldest is in 3rd grade but always needs the constant brush up on his words. My oldest daughter started K this year and is beaming from ear to ear when she grabs a book. Using Stepping Stones books she’s been delighted to pick up word skills at her own pace as well as with her favorite subjects outside of school.
The program covers a wonderful range of text from superheroes, sports, transportation, animals, princesses, and fairies. The books can be read online or printed out and used as coloring pages as well.

 I was really interested in printing out the flash cards that go along with the books. Kids do great with visual pictures,  which Stepping Stones does in simple pictures on the pages, but having flash cards gets them to focus better on the word alone.
 The site also offers more than just the reading books that are appropriate for ages 3-7. I printed out a daily incentive chart to track the progress of my daughter, yet another visual aid that boosts their confidence as well as encourages them to keep going. Kids always enjoy seeing how far they’ve come. With the chart you can put down stickers or use a simple stamp , make it their own, hang it up to show it off and be proud!

There’s also practice writing sheets, and games offered.

  I would highly recommend Stepping Stones Together, for beginner readers, as well as even readers needing to keep up their vocabulary. The flash cards offer a wonderful way to get some spelling time done too. Though my son is past the offered reading level by Stepping Stones the flash cards have become not only spelling cards but definition cards for him.

    It’s rewarding to see my children accomplish goals, to see them gaining more skills as well as an understanding  for reading they will forever enjoy as an adult. I think in today’s world while TVs and computers are taking over, we over look the adventures that sit right on our book shelves.
Check out Stepping Stones Together here

*Disclosure, I was given the ooourtunity to try out the Website, Stepping Stones together. There was no other  No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.*