Give me a little BBQ

We love BBQ in this house. There’s never a wrong time to have it either, Spring, Summer, Fall Winter, slap some sauce on some sort of meat and you have a winning dinner. My kids end up wiping their hands and mouth all over everything as well, their shirt, napkins, table cloth, their pants. It may be messy but BBQ is a finger food, a “must be” finger food! That’s how my kids know what BBQ is. They ask what’s for dinner, my answer of BBQ short ribs or, grilled BBQ chicken becomes, “Oh yeah, finger food, Mom you rock!”

Winning dinner I’m telling you! Have some corn on the cob and mashed potatoes you’ve closed out the deal!

This really isn’t  a recipe today, it’s more of a preview of a Giveaway that I’ll be doing tomorrow, with of course the main ingredient being Bob’s Original All Purpose Sauce! I will pick TWO winners and both will receive two bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. Sound good? Believe me it really is!

 It can be used on pretty much anything that needs a zing to it, meatloaf getting boring? Throw some of this in there you’ve got a spiced up slice of meatloaf on your hands. Chicken, Steak, hamburgers and fries, it’s yummy all around.
  The Original Country Bob’s has different sauces other than the All purpose , honey , Spicy, even Apple Chipotle. The Website has some wonderful gift packs too for any BBQ lover this Holiday Season, you can check the products out here

The other day I was pressed for time, and threw the All Purpose Sauce on some Chicken  for all of 35 minutes before we had some really tasty food on our hands. The sauce is a tad spicy, not hot, just a zing spice, so the kids really liked it! I like spicy zing, and end up dunking each bite into more sauce, call me a saucy hog but I love me some sauce 🙂

Think I’ll try this on a few other things, maybe make a big juicy burger! Yum!!
Check back tomorrow for the Giveaway!!

**Disclosure-I received the products mentioned above from Country Bob’s  in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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