I put Hot Sauce on it!

I love spicy things. In fact while my husband puts ketchup on everything I’m the same way with Hot sauce, although I wouldn’t put it on certain things it’s pretty much an equal match up. Rice, eggs, sandwiches, chili, pizza, bread, salsa , gumbo, hot dogs, hamburgers. It’s the Zing,  the Zang and the spice and it’s all mine!

My kids aren’t much into spicy things, not like I was when I was their age, so that’s even better. More for me 🙂 Once in awhile I just want something for me, and it is truly rare that I even get a piece of it before the kids gobble it up. These two easy fast snacks are the only ones to count on they won’t touch! Perfect for Football Sundays as well!

My Dad used to make this all the time when I was a kid, huge bags of it! Using just Butter and Tony Chachere’s Seasoning you’ve got a handful of simple popcorn gone wild. I love this seasoning, you can use it on just about anything. It’s also the seasoning behind my Dad’s Gumbo, which I will be posting pretty soon. Stay tuned for it!

Pop the popcorn! Real popcorn, no bag stuff either, fresh yummy popcorn!(I used an air popper, my Dad used to do this in a hot pan with oil and didn’t use butter at all. My version uses butter, but have made it alot without butter as well, good both ways, depends on your taste)
  If your using Butter, melt it  and pour it over the popcorn,Now just shake the seasoning over it till it’s to your liking. Your done, now Eat end Enjoy!

 Awhile back I wanted something with hot sauce. Nothing really sounded good, nothing was quick enough either, plus it was snack time. I was already making popcorn for the kids anyways . Which gave me the idea of pouring hot sauce over popcorn. Really, what’s stopping me? It’s good on everything, there didn’t seem to be a downfall to this idea.

Let me tell you what happened in true picture style, now pay attention it goes really fast!! (using Fanks Redhot “wings” sauce mixed in with butter,about 2tablespoons butter and hot sauce to your liking, again popcorn was popped in an air popper)

Oh Darn, it’s all gone! Better go make some more 🙂

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