Fish Taco Day!

Sometimes just pan fried fish isn’t enough to get the kids excited for dinner. Just a small change here and there turns a simple meal they already liked into something they think they’ve never had. That’s all it really takes sometimes with my kids, spruce it up, and you’ve got excited kids yelling, “Fish Tacos’, No way! I can’t wait!”

 Yup, it’s as simple as that. šŸ™‚

Unless I’m trying a new recipe with fish it’s basically the same thing. Dip the fish into beaten eggs, dip it into bread crumbs and seasonings. Pan fry in oil 3-4 minutes per side till crispy as well as fork tender.
 I made my own tartar sauce as well, which again I don’t go by a recipe anymore. Sauces are all by taste, once you get past the first basic recipe you pretty much get the idea of how it should go.

I dice up some pickles, add some lemon, dill, pepper, sometimes hot sauce. Be creative, sample it as you mix and you can create slightly different tastes. Why even bother buying tartar sauce when you can make your own out of a cup or so of mayo and little things in the pantry?

On to the Fish!

After frying up the fish, and chilling the tartar sauce I added a little homemade salsa to it and we had ourselves a simple, no fuss dinner.
 They ate this up so fast I barely sat down with my own before they asked for another one. Now that to me is a bonus win !
Here are a few Pan fried fish recipes here on the blog