Leprechaun Trap

Get the kids and supplies ready! We’re going to catch us a Leprechaun!

The main supplies are anything you can spare and use for this. Besides a Shoe box, the rest is what the kids come up with themselves. All my kids had a hand in this simple craft, we made four pretty much all the same.
Supplies :
One Shoe Box
Construction paper
Glue and lots of it
Gold Glittered pipe cleaners for the gold, or anything shiny, as Leprechauns are a greedy bunch. Use coins, or chocolate gold pieces, we used colored sprinkles one year.
We used an old Glue cap to make our pot of gold, but you can just curl up some paper an inch wide and use that to hold the gold
Craft sticks
White pom poms or cotton balls for clouds

Either have the kids cut colored construction paper or color  some white paper for both the sky and the ground. My oldest sized it perfectly and cut it while the younger ones colored away.

 Take another white paper and cut out a rainbow that will end up being glued to the top of the box, to the bottom. We used an 8×11 and went from corner to corner. Have the kids color it in after it’s cut that way their wonderful art won’t be cut if it’s too big 😉
    We took an old glue cap, for the pot of gold and cut a strip of paper to wrap around it, have the kids color it before they glue it around the cap. Take the glitter pipe cleaners and have the kids curl them up around their fingers to make little loops. Remember those Leprechaun’s love coins, so lure them in with something just like it! We used about 4 and placed them inside the cap, this will be the gold.
  Take the rainbow and glue it to the top of the box, and the bottom. We folded a small two inch size paper to make a small flap for the rainbow, glue to together so you can open and close the box with the rainbow staying attached. Tell the kids the bigger and brighter the rainbow the better chance the Leprechauns won’t miss it!

  For the trap, we used green craft sticks, cut in half. This got a little tricky with glue, so we ended up using tape to keep them down in the form of a square. This is the trap. Make it how ever tall or short the kids want it and make a cover for it. We took three sticks cut in half and taped them together for the cover. Glue the pot of gold in the box, and lean the top of the trap against the side. Explain to the kids when the Leprechaun tries to pull up the gold the top will fall right on him! The kids always get a kick out of it.
    To make some fluffy clouds glue some white pom poms in the sky.
 Your Trap should be finished! It should dry a couple hours so set it aside.  After you set the trap the night before St. Patrick’s day and the kids are asleep, sprinkle some glitter for the “leprechaun footprints” all around the gold. Sometimes I drop M & M’s around saying the Leprechaun was trying so hard to get the Gold that they fell out of his pocket. After all those little guys are very hard to capture!
Have Fun!!

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