A plan for the garden

 With a small area left to use as far as planting I came up with an idea for the beans and peas. Last year I had them against my kids swing set, but the kids wanted only sunflowers there this year. After Flipping through a garden magazine I came across some bean and pea poles, which were about thirty nine dollars each! All it really was, was a pole and some string. Why pay when you can make it yourself?
I had these long poles that were never used last year , why I don’t know but they were perfect for my idea. We picked them up at Ace, but am not sure of the price.

 The plan was to bolt these two poles together which were a little less than 5ft long each. Always needing a project my husband happily agreed to the plan. He bolted them together in two places, setting the second pole in about 2ft 4in against the other with the bolts  5in –  in on each end securing the poles together.
Making a 7ft 3-1/3in pole.
Now, he will use his handy dandy tools to sharpen one end of the pole, making it easier to stick into the ground. We’re thinking about a foot , maybe a foot and a half, that way we have about a 6ft pole. I had him drill some holes into one end, which will be the top.
 I will use some nylon string to thread through each and bring all the way down to the ground kind and secured with garden stakes making a clone shape support system.  It will make a circle around the pole, in which each pea/bean plant would be planted by. This way while they grow, they would climb up each string , little space yet alot of plants hopefully. 🙂
It will look something like this, only without the bag at the bottom. My plants will just be put into the ground.
Bean Grow Bags
Once it ever stops raining I can try it out outside!!