Unotron SpillSeal Keyboard

Any parent with computer aged kids fears about spills near the computer. Three of my kids are old enough to play on the computer without me hanging over their shoulders, but they still sneak a glass of water, juice or a snack there when I’m not looking. Kids are messy, no doubt about it, but being messy around a computer is just trouble.
Take for instance the very first hour of me plugging in the Unotron Spill Seal Keyboard, my youngest daughter the one who isn’t even old enough to touch a keyboard just happened to pull it down off the desk and drop a bowl of yogurt all over it. It didn’t really surprise me to tell you the truth, you bring anything in this house it will be kid tested sooner or later.

S6000K - Washable Antibacterial Keyboard

The Unotron Spill Seal Keyboard is WASHABLE! I cannot tell you how great this thing is! Washable, washable, washable! In case you haven’t figured out why I love it, it’s because you can wash it!
Really, they finally made a keyboard that you can clean without worry. Though I still do not let drinks or snacks near the computer, if something does happen, I can safely wash it, and won’t worry about things sticking between keys.

You can disinfect it with ease, and the plastic it’s made with is protected with a silver-based biocide for antibacterial product protection. Keyboards just like phones are a germ battle field, this keyboard helps cut that down just by being washable.

The only drawback about this keyboard is, it’s not wireless, but rest assured, Unotron makes a wireless keyboard as well! Roll up ones too! I’d recommend the Unotron brand to anyone who’s spilled anything on their keyboards before or tends to snack around the computer desk. Or if you just want something you can disinfect and don’t want to worry about dust settling between the keys, this is perfect for you!

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**Disclaimer- I was given the mentioned products listed above from Unotron in order to write an honest review. I didn’t receive any other compensation. Any and all opinions are my own. Thanks Unotron! **