Weekend Recap- Mom’s are to blame, Dad’s are the Hero’s

I think we melted this weekend, nope correction,  we’re still melting.

You know how grumpy kids are when they get too hot? Ick, if I could pass on something to deal with that would be it. Cranky hot kids are just not happy. Even worse, there’s just not much you can do about it. We don’t have air conditioning, but honestly we can live without it no big deal. We have a small pool, I even bought a sand/ water table that I fill with water and the kids are content for a good half an hour before the fun runs out.
Ice pops are a must around here, though they melt quicker than my youngest ones can finish them off. The ice cream cake I made for Father’s day was eaten for dinner, shame on me for that one. No one was hungry, no one wanted anything but ice, and to do nothing. (which honestly I was happy about, this means Mommy gets to do nothing too!)
Each day it reaches over 100 degrees, I watch my smiling kids turn into little crazy beasts. Their little lips curl up like they are snarling at me every once in awhile as if I controlled the weather all together. Even when I pointed out I had nothing to do with the weather, they still pointed and jabbed their fingers at me. “Mom, make it cooler!”  Sure, I’ll get right on that kiddo, let me snap my fingers!
They tripped, stubbed toes, got angry with each other over everything and anything,  and finally to top it off started fighting over which fan was theirs and how you were to not stand within ten feet of it or else. In which I was blamed for not getting enough fans to cool them off.  It’s harder to deal with them when it’s this hot, because there’s just so little you can do about it. This weekend  was a tad bit crazier than normal to say the least all because of the heat, but I did learn something from my kids .

1. I’m supposed to control the weather.  Got it
2. My kids turn into monsters when they get too hot. Double and triple got that!
3. I’m to blame just because and there’s nothing I can do to reverse it. Not fair, but  I totally get it. ha Besides, someday they will end up thanking me anyways so, it evens out πŸ™‚
4. Dear Husband gets to be the hero when he can’t take the heat anymore and buys an a/c unit.   I can totally deal with that and must agree he is a hero!  That’s what Dad’s and Husband’s are for πŸ™‚ Now he can install it. ha

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    Odd, this blog used to have many people commenting and discussing your posts but that seems to be a thing of the past. On your last 6 or more entries you have zero comments. Wonder why the sudden lack of feedback?

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