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You all know by now that I like things homegrown and homemade. I’ve worked hard to grow my garden each year, work hard to keep my family healthy. Gardening though, isn’t easy, and  when you have pests, diseases or other intruders that can ruin your harvest whether it be vegetables, fruits, and or flower beds it’s that much harder.

I  always use something homemade to help with the problem, which I’ve always shared with you, from the beer pans for slugs, to sprinkling pepper to keep ants away. It doesn’t always work, or at least it doesn’t completely get rid of problem.  I’m very picky about what I use in my garden, so when I had the opportunity to review some products from Safer Brand, I was more than Thrilled!

Safer Brand, is a company that helps gardeners like me and others who are hard at work keeping their gardens organic.

Safer Brands, Bug Patrol, my new number one bug killer, a soap insecticide.  It kills over 40 damaging insects such as beetles, aphids, ticks, scales, white flies, mosquito’s, chinch bugs and many others.
 White flies infected my squash two years ago, which can be found on the underneath of leaves. You won’t see them unless you turn the leaves over and or happen to bump the plant and see a bunch of white flies fly off. This has been my number one killer to plants in the summer. You have to pull the entire plant before they infect the entire garden.

White flies suck the life out of plants, and they multiply like crazy, so once a plant is infested with them you either get rid of the flies, or just simply pull the plant. I’ve used soap to control them , but I’m not superwoman here I miss some, and that’s all it takes.  The Safer Brand Bug Patrol Soap Insecticide has taken care of my worries on white flies. Made with Pyrethrin  (plant based)  potassium salts of fatty acid, there’s no harsh chemicals. It worked more effectively than the soap I’ve used in the past.

The Garden Fungicide by Safer Brand is safe on Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, killing up to 45 kinds of bugs, and helps prevent black spots, mildew and leaf spots on plants. Sulfur based, the Fungicide is ideal for organic rose care and even tomato’s. Perfect for vegetable gardening. It’s helped clear up some white powdery mildew on some of my wild rose bushes. They get so big so fast and that’s when I see the white patches appear. It’s like someone dusted a bunch of leaves with baby powder, only it’s harmful to the plant. You need to deal with it before it spreads even more. Using the Fungicide helped clear up the bad patches, and I use it whenever I spot the first signs of it. Works like a charm, a lot easier than rubbing and wiping each leaf down.

The Safer Garden Dust, I hadn’t had a chance to use yet. The Bug Patrol got rid of the Aphids and the White files my most common troubles.
The Garden Dust kills over 20 leaf eating worms and caterpillars which can take over gardens, yards and fruit trees. We don’t really have a problem with worms (knock on wood ) ,I’ve only had troubles with Tomato Fruit worms (so gross) when I lived in NC as well as other thick, fat worms that sneak up out of no where while picking vegetables. If you’ve ever had a chance to come across a Tomato Fruit worm you know what I”m talking about, and how disgusting it is to find your prize tomatoes infested with them. They are thick green worms that get to be about 4 inches long, which you have to hand pick off the plants.  Unless that is , if they already wormed a hole into the tomato, in that case you can kiss that tomato goodbye. The worms feed on the stems, leaves and the fruit, trust me you hate them just as much as I do. First sign of these things I’ll be sprinkling the Garden Dust as directed.

You can find more information on the Safer Brand website , with gardening tips, and a solution center to help find what you need for your garden and all the products.

 I will keep you updated on how well the Safer Brand is being used in my garden. We’re in the peak of the summer garden right now, and I have the fall garden well under way as well.  So far, I’ve gotten ride of white flies from five plants and haven’t seen Rust on my Roses, or a patch of leaf eating Aphids since using the brand! Thank Goodness for that, and here’s hoping those Tomato Fruit Worms stay far away from me!

*Disclosure- I received the products mentioned above from Safer Brand  in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.*

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