Weekend Project- Homemade Bath Salts

Bath salts are easy to do. You can make them from different things, natural salts, sea salts , which I love the most,kosher salt and Epsom salts. You dont’ really need coloring, that’s a little extra but you need to decide which scents you’d like to work with. If you have an herb garden you can even make your own Herbal Bath salt combo, by just using what you have on hand. Rosemary , lavender, even some flower petals will make a beautiful batch of bath salts.

 My Lavender Bath Salt

This is a basic recipe I found, with this you get the idea of what needs to be used and how much. From here you can mix it up with the salts you want and or scents.

1 cup Epsom salt
1/2 rock salt or kosher salt
3-5 drops coloring *optional* (use a soap/candle coloring )
3-5 drops of essential oil

Stir all the ingredients together until well mixed. An easy and less messy way to do this is put it in a ziplock bag and or even container. Seal it up and shake or massage it till the coloring looks the way you want. I added only 2 drops at a time, mixing red and purple to make the slight lavender color. Using only 2 drops of the lavender essential oil . Some oils and scents are stronger than others so I encourage you to start small and let it sit before adding more. If the finished batch does come off two strong, mix in more salt to even it out. If it needs more add one drop at a time.

I like adding moisturizing oils as well (you can find them at the store) I mix a batch of vanilla essential oil and moisturizing oils to the salts, which is my favorite.  I’m not crazy with colors, in fact I can really care less about adding them. If you were making these for gifts, then they’d be a great addition.

There you have it, a simple quick, fun gift giving project!

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    What a great post! I'd love to try this sometime. By the way, I'm a new follower and love your blog. Come check mine out if you'd like!

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