Sweet Treat Friday

It’s been a crazy, crazy week. I’ve been busy canning, and dealing with the sudden unlucky high heat, you know now that summer is over and it’s fall. *eye roll*  That’s California for you, it’s always hot around this time, can be even through October! It’s been close to around 100 all week, which isn’t fun at all. Mainly today, as it’s time for the schools annual  Walk-A-Thon!!!

 We do it every year and they have a blast, it pretty much runs all day, starting during school. The younger school walks to the older school where they keep doing lap after lap. We have a live DJ, games just endless fun. I’ll get plenty of pictures as I always do 🙂 Here’s hoping none of the kids get over heated, as they did last year. I’ll be packing plenty of water and sunscreen that’s for sure!

 Didn’t have any time this week to make any sweets, it’s just been canning salsa, sauce, paste and pickles, but I won’t leave you without something to drool over.

 Head over to Have Sippy Will Travel where I guest posted last weekend to take a look at the Cherry Apricot Crumble Bars I made! Thanks Sam for having me 🙂 While you are over there, check out all the giveaways she has listed!! There’s some cute ones 🙂 Check them out all here

Enjoy them, they are sweet and yummy!! Enjoy your weekend!

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