The trouble I go to for Tomatoes….

With all the tomatoes in the garden, I’ve been super busy. I love being busy, dont’ get me wrong but not this kind of busy. Picked out a Kitchen Mill, or  a Food strainer to help me out in straining all the tomatoes for sauce this past week. Well turns out my own method was a better idea. It was just brutal work. Just picture a large colander, I’ll pour the cooked sauce into it, and take the a glass jar and start pressing at the sauce going in circles to get the sauce through and “theoretically” keeping the skin within the colander. It nearly worked out, only the garlic,onions, and even seasoning that was  supposed to stay in the sauce got stuck as well with the skins. I ended up hand picking gunk that was needed for the sauce, back out . It’s just a lot more work, and very messy. This is why I picked a food strainer/mill, Instead of me pressing, and shoving the sauce through, I’d just be turning a handle to crank. Or so I thought.

 The Food Strainer/Mill was supposed to separate the skins mostly, I don’t really mind seeds. It took about forty minutes to get the thing together, because I couldn’t connect the strainer to the body.

Then, it needed to be taken about to be well oiled. After all that trouble I finally got it to work, only I place my hand on this part….
……burning my hand. Somehow I doubt the end of this is supposed to be burning hot! The spiral inside, was grinding against the metal, that’s why it was hard to crank , in turn heating up the metal hot enough to scold my hand. The spiral is where the trouble is, it’s not supposed to be grinding away, and there’s no way I’ll use it ending up with plastic bits in my food.
Let’s just say I’m back to plan A, and it’s a slow, slow process. If it wasn’t for my love of tomatoes I would have given up by now.
Anyone have any other suggestions? A better Food Mill/Strainer?

2 thoughts on “The trouble I go to for Tomatoes….

  1. Judy Haughton-James

    Hi Melanie,
    It is the first time I am seeing one of these strainers. I hope you find a method that is easier! I love tomatoes. I especially like them in sandwiches. I also use tomato ketchup in some of my recipes. Take care and have a good Tuesday.

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