Weekend Project- It’s finished!

My cold frame idea took a mighty big turn, a good one too. I had already planted for my winter harvest months ago, so the frame would be fitting right over it. Considering my Collards and Mustard greens got well over four feet this summer I wanted more height to the frame.

 My Kids  call it my Plant Barn πŸ™‚

My husband put together out of spare wood laying around in the garage, and it came out perfect!  Now I can have the vegetables protected through the winter  as well as a place to put my seedlings for next years garden.  The frame was build on top of the garden bed that was already there for the summer garden, in which I had netting put up around it. I’d like to see the neighbors cat, or the squirrels try to mess around with them now. Ha!
The frame will be lifted off by the spring time and simply be placed right back in place for next winter as well. I’m trying to get a four season garden going, and so far so good. I just planted the next set of seeds which will be harvested at the end of winter, beginning of Spring, right around the time I started the summer seeds. So each time I’m  about to harvest,  another set of plants should be well started already. It will be constantly going in a cycle of non stop harvest with any luck!

Speaking of harvesting, the  garden is still booming with tons of tomatoes still coming in. Beans, peas, chives, peppers even, eggplants, squash (though that one surprised me) carrots and some greens are being picked weekly. We picked raspberries and strawberries yesterday too. You know while everyone on the East coast was getting snow πŸ™‚ hehe

I’ll keep you updated on my winter garden adventures πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Weekend Project- It’s finished!

  1. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    That is one awesome structure! Hubs has been talking about making me a greenhouse out of old windows and storm doors from the reStore. What a cool thing to be able to have plants all winter!

    We have snow here. Stinking snow! My peppers are officially toast and my beautiful zinnias are flat. I was hoping to gather the zinnia seeds once they dried. Ah well at least Little Bit liked playing in the snow πŸ˜€

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