Weekend Project- More Halloween Crafts & Fun!

Here’s another super cute and  frugal fun craft to add to the list if you plan on throwing a Halloween Party. Or maybe you just like Halloween and have fun decorating the house up yourself, either way if you have anymore spare jars laying around this is for you!

Mummy Jars!

I set them on the table to hold spoons or on the counter to hold stuff during Halloween season 🙂

Jars, any size
Craft Eyes
Hot glue
 Take your jar and wrap it up with the gaze, don’t make it even,and don’t make it perfect. The point of this is to make it look like a Mummy, so if you put a few bends and twists it’ll look even better! Once you fully wrapped the jar up tuck the end piece in somewhere so it doesn’t fall out. Next hot glue the eyes on!
Pretty simple for a cute finished look right?
Dress up the party table even more with These Orange Brains!!!


Large Oranges
Knife (I used a utility knife)
Marker if you need it (to draw your face)
Spoon to scoop the “brains out”
 Depending on how thick the orange peel is you really need to be careful, work on a small area first to see how thick it is and go from there. Draw your face if you want before you start cutting. You can either cut out the face first, or work on the inside first. I cut the face first,  then cut carefully around the top.
   Keep the peel for the top and set it aside. Now, work your thumb or spoon in under the orange peel and work it away from the orange. The way I did the next part was just took a knife and cut the orange  in half (not the peel, just the fruit of the orange)  scooped each half of the orange out  of the peel and set it aside. You may or may not be able to get it in one or two pieces, it’s perfectly fine. Clean up the fruit then take orange slices to pile them back in within the peel. Arrange one or two on the very top to look like a molded “brain”

I’ve seen these neat little oranges being served before with grapes, apples, raisins as well inside, use whatever you like, the kids get such a kick out of them !!

Enjoy!!! 🙂

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