Ricossa Moscato d’Asti Review

Moscato is the Italian name for the Muscat grape, a native son of the Asti region of Piedmont, where it has produced a light, floral sparkling wine for generations. Naturally low alcohol – at only 5% about half the alcohol level of most wine making it easy to drink.

Moscato is sparkling and sweet with fruity taste. It reminds me of peaches, very light, not too sweet. You can easily mix this into your favorite cocktails or steep with some fruit to make a fruity cocktail for guests this holiday season.
We enjoyed the Ricossa Moscato d’Asti very much, it’s a nice addition to any company dinner, or a get together. I’ve never had sparkling wine before, it was surprising to taste. It’s half between a light wine, and half sparkling drink, making a very pleasant balance to enjoy.  I plan on including a bottle of this at our Christmas dinner this year. At only $14.99 per bottle it’s also affordable so I don’t have to worry about over spending for our dinner guests. 

This is the Ricossa and Cranberry Holiday Punch,

How to make the drink

750 ml Ricossa Moscato d’Asti
1 cup cranberry juice
¼ cup cranberries

Steep cranberries in 1 cup of the Ricossa Moscato d’Asti for 5 minutes. Transfer to the freezer until cranberries are frozen. In a pitcher, add 1 cup of cranberry juice to 32 oz of Ricossa Moscato d’Asti and gently mix. Keep chilled. Garnish punch bowl with an ice ring made from frozen cranberries, and add a couple of frozen cranberries to each glass before serving.

I loved it! We used Peach juice as well, which really came out nicely. The sparkling wine already had hints of honey in it so mixed with a peachy sweet drink it rounded out very nicely. If you plan on treating guests this Holiday why not pick up a bottle of Ricossa Moscato d’Asti? Pour it by the flute, blend in your favorite cocktail or even fruit juice , the important thing is to Enjoy!

**Disclosure- I received the products mentioned above,  in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.* 

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