Weekend Project- Finished Knife Block

The knife block is finally finished! My husband made two of them, as the first wasn’t to his liking. This was the finished result!

I love it! It fits perfectly right near my stove and makes it easier to grab what I need to use. Before we had three sets of blocks because all my knives are differently shaped, so it was a hassle, not to mention the space they took up. Now all my favorite knives are in one place šŸ™‚
You can check out the plans which I shared back in January here.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Project- Finished Knife Block

  1. Grace

    This is really great and I'm impressed with how many knives you have. I bet your husband chooses his words carefully when talking to you in the kitchen. šŸ™‚

  2. Becky Jane

    Ah, I finally found your finished project. I remember seeing your Jan. post, but never saw the finished product til now! Your husband did an awesome job. I am so not a craftsman, so this is very impressive…love the fun colors that are on your knives!

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