DuneCraft Seed Bombs – Review

Think you can’t grow anything? Think you need special soil or even expensive materials to get something to grow? Think again!
DuneCraft has come up with a  fun, and interesting way to kick start some plants right in your own yard by simply dropping a bomb! A Seed Bomb that is!

Seed bombs are seeds encased in a clay and peat mixture that protects seedlings from animals insects even too much moisture while they are beginning to sprout.

We reviewed the Native Perennial Mix. Each box contains 6 Seed Bombs to use. I tossed two in the yard marking it so I’d know where to look. The box says they will sprout within 5 days of tossing or placing them down against the ground. Ours took just a little longer most likely due to the heavy frost we had and stormy weather. Once the weather cleared up those the seed bombs finally sprouted!

It will be weeks till we see flowers but the seedlings are very sturdy already, and they are growing fast. At only $4.99 this would be a great gift for any one who thinks they can’t grow a darn thing. Kids would love these as it’s very easy to plant their own wild flower garden. You can pick from Butterfly & Bird mixture, to Grass, even an Herb collection along with the Native Perennial Mix. You can also buy these four varieties in larger quantities in DuneCrafts Buckets size, which are $19.99 and they hold 20 Seed Bombs. Just go on outside and start tossing the Seeds bombs all over the place!

Check out DuneCraft and their Seed Bombs  along with their other wonderful green sprouting products. These would make a fantastic gift for Mother’s day, or even Father’s day. Such a great site full of science and nature projects that could get the entire family in on some fun.

I’ll update in when the plants blossom! My kids are very excited to watch them grow! So stay tuned 🙂

**Disclosure- I received the products mentioned above , in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write a positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.*  

9 thoughts on “DuneCraft Seed Bombs – Review

  1. KC Hull

    Just got the butterfly & bird mix. No instructions. Thanks to your site I now know what to do with them. Write back when something happens.

    • mburbage@sbcglobal.net Post author

      The squirrels dug the seed bombs up, but they did all start growing, there were plenty of seedlings. Next time I get them I plan on breaking them up and spreading it out more.

  2. KC Hull

    Ok its been 9 weeks since i planted these seed stones. Tossed a couple in the garden, planted in very good soil, and tossed a couple in my fish pond. I have nothing. All I see is the round tan colored ball. So can somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong. Or did I just get a bag of 14 seed stones that all are bad?

    • mburbage@sbcglobal.net Post author

      9 weeks, yikes yeah something should have sprouted. I wouldn't have tossed the balls in the pond though, they need dirt. When you tossed them in the garden did you water them right away? should have sprouted within the first 12 days 🙁 You can always write dunecraft

    • KC Hull

      Yup I planted them just like I do all my other seeds and bulbs water right after planting. Then have been watering them every two to three days. I did write to Dunecraft and am awaiting there reply. As for the fish pond I did that cause I read that the seed stones would grow and or sprout in plain water. Anyway will keep trying maybe they just don't like the heat and humidity here in central Georgia. Thanks for your reply any future suggestions will always be appreciated.

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