The Pocket Referee- Review

Ever have one of those days where the kids just can’t get a long for two minutes without arguing? It can be about anything and everything too. The kids just keep calling your name, begging for you to help settle the argument between the kids. You end up thinking or saying to them, settle it yourselves but that just makes the troubles even bigger. Until that is, the Pocket Referee! 
We got two Pocket Referee’s to review and I love them. No it doesn’t make arguments settle themselves, no it doesn’t end all the disputes , so what does it do? It teaches the kids to let something go, and move on. Instead of calling a parent in the middle the kids have to face the conflict by themselves. Here’s how it works
Basic rules for the Pocket Referee- 
Choose the first coin holder with a flip of the coin, ones side has a Ref on it (heads) Tails side has a chest on it. Who ever wins the toss gets the coin.

When a conflict comes up the coin holder may get his way but then must pass the coin to the other party. If the coin holder would rather keep the coin for a later conflict then they other party gets their way with the current one. 
My son keeps a hold of it the longest as he just doesn’t want to give it up! 
But there are times he just doesn’t want to give in and let his sister get her way, so in turn has to give up the coin in order to win the dispute.  
Making the kids choose whether or not they want to hold on to the coin or not makes them face the conflict.   The kids learn how to start settling their conflicts and a bit about deferred gratification. They are forced to ask whether or not an argument is worth it or not. My two oldest kids (9years old and 6 years old) are the only ones that use the coins, my other two are much too young. The Pocket Referee has helped in most cases. It’s helping them to think before they jump into an argument because they don’t want to give up the coin.
This saves me the trouble of asking them myself, “Is this really that important to you? Does this really matter or can you just let it go?” When the kids can ask as well as answer that themselves, it cuts disputes in half if not more. It also boosts their confidence when they realize they can handle a problem themselves. This is a great thing to have among siblings and even friends. 

Each Pocket Referee comes with a velvet carrying pouch as well, and a carabiner to clip it on a belt loop or back pack easily. 

Disclosure: I received a product in order to write my review as part of a promotion with Living Your Moment . All opinions are mine and mine alone. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255 concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. 

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  1. Monique

    This would be great for my daughters – and myself. That way they can agree to resolve their own issues. I like the concept!

  2. Grace

    Another excellent review by Melanie. I love it! It makes my life easier as a grandma to have these as I always felt they'd think I was choosing a favorite.

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