Homemade Chamomile Shampoo

It isn’t hard to make your own shampoo, in fact it’s easier than you think. You can use leftover slivers of soap that you may have laying around though it should be a mild one , and it’s best that it wasn’t scented in anyway.
 I’ve done this recipe many times, and many different ways, even with a little leftover baby shampoo and it comes out great. If you have no left over slivers of soap you can use pure soap flakes which are perfect and a must to keep on hand.

A note before I even start to post the recipe, yes the shampoo is a yellowish brown, that’s because of the chamomile flowers. There is no coloring in this, it’s all from the flower itself. It doesn’t stain, and the shampoo lathers up nice a thick. There is no over powering smell but if the flower alone bugs you, use less, or use something like Rosemary to even it out if you’d like.

Chamomile keeps both scalp and hair nice and healthy! 

2 handfuls of dried chamomile flowers
2 1/2 cups boiling water
6 tablespoons pure soap flakes (or left over slivers)
2 tablespoons glycerin

 You will need-
2 bowls both heat proof
fine strainer


Boil your water. Place your flowers in a heat proof bowl and slowly add the boiling water to them. Let it stand for about 15 minutes. Take your strainer and place it inside one of your heat proof bowls. Lay cheesecloth (double layered) in the strainer.

 Pour the water/flower mixture carefully through cheese cloth. Scoop out some of the flower mixture and place it back into the bowl so you can work in small batches. You want to squeeze out all the water and strain it, so press as much as you can out and let the liquid pour through strainer into the bowl. Discard those flowers, and take next batch and repeat till all the flowers are strained. You should have a colored liquid to work with.

Set strainer aside and take your soap flakes and mix into the hot liquid. Soap flakes take several minutes to soften so let it sit. If after ten minutes they are still clumps of white, you may heat it up, but slowly. Use low heat if you need to do this. Add in the glycerin after the soap finally softens and blend well. Set mixture aside to let cool. Only place it into a container after it’s cooled.

Easy and I enjoy it. I have very thick curl hair, in which this shampoo doesn’t weight it down. It leaves my hair nice and clean and the chamomile scent (very light scent) lasts pretty much all day. It used to be mid day I’d feel like I had to re-wash my hair with store bought shampoo, so the change was easy for me. If and when I finally find a working conditioner recipe I’ll share that as well!

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