Wellness Dog Treats Review

 Wellness is a company devoted to the wellness of your pets. With
natural, balanced and tasty treats/foods for your pet you can expect the best quality
in their products. They have plenty to choose from for any kind of your four
legged pet, whether dog of feline.

 We recently tried out
the Wellness Wellbars , Crunchy Peanuts and Honey bite sized dog treats. My
dogs gobbled them up so fast it was hard to snap a picture of them enjoying
them! Oven baked they are bite sized and perfect for smaller dogs. All the bars
are wheat free and baked in the oven for perfect crunch! I can’t tell you how
they tasted, but the dogs enjoyed them. I like the package, sealed in
plastic  to keep them super fresh I didn’t
open the bag to already cracked or broken pieces like I normally do with
The Wellness Bites, are  small soft dog  treats, made with Turkey and Duck. All the
soft treats on the line are made with either meat, veggies or fruit.  Let’s just say Baby and Spot when bonkers over
these treats. Packed in a resalable pouch it keeps them soft, though I must say
my kids opened the bag and left it open for days without the treats going hard.  I think that’s a plus considering I don’t
want to feed my dog stale treats. The soft bite treats are perfect for a young
pup which we treated along a walk one day so if you are adding a puppy to the
household keep Wellness Bites in mind the next time you go by the pert food
Spot checking out the chews
Begging for more!!
Baby waiting on a biscuit! They dove in for these treats!

All Wellness treats are packed with natural safe ingredients
to help keep your dog’s diet balanced and on track whether small, large young
or old there’s a treat for all sizes. Next time  you’re picking out gi treats for your four legged loved ones don’t forget to check out Wellness! Plenty to choose from and a treat for any dog 🙂