Breakfast Changes Lives

We all know how important breakfast is. It’s the very beginning of our day, what sets the mood and gets our energy up to take on the day. 
So when a child misses breakfast , they lower their chance for having a good day at school. It makes it hard to concentrate, even function which brings me to tell you about the breakfast participation is a primary goal of the No Kid Hungry campaign. 
Does your local school serve breakfast? Do you know of a school that does this? 
The No Kid Hungry campaign is working hard to help transform schools  to start serving breakfast to help kids that are going hungry more and more. This is a simple way to help, if you know of local schools in your area use the link below and simply put their information on the map. If you take the extra step and call up the school to find out if they do have breakfast for kids and they happen to say no, ask what steps need to be made to make it happen. 

You can get started in the following easy steps:

  1. Visit and type in your ZIP code
  2. Select a school (you’ll see the contact info and what specifically to ask)
  3. Fill in the responses to add that school’s information to the map

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