Identifying plants – Bachelor Buttons

Couple years ago I bought a pound of wildflower seeds. There was no description about what flowers were inside and so this started the process of trying to identify the flowers. Since collecting seeds and sharing them with others it’s best to know what you are sharing to start with! This weekend I finally figured out what this one flower was, took me months. I started looking up dazzling blue low growing wild flower- turns out the same flower came up in white, then pink. There went my searching prospects!

It may have taken me awhile but in the entire process of knowing what the seed looked like, the stem, leaves and then finally the flower I get to know the plant even better. Just like the Sunflower process I took pictures of I am learning plants, and flowers from seed to seed. It’s fun and interesting.
 These Bachelor Buttons grow about 35 inches tall. Long thin stem and spread out just like a button. So far I have seen the blue, white, and pale pink, but have been told they show up in purple.

Here is the Bachelor Button from seed to seed!

I think they have cute seeds! 

You can tell the color of the Bachelor button when it hits this stage, look at the very tip and you can catch either a light color for white and pink or a dark one for purple or blue. 

Blue seems to be dominate, I like the pale pink ones though. The whites and pinks seem to also be a little smaller than blue. 

The pedals slowly die off and the seeds form right at the base o the pedals . You will collect them one all the pedals have gone pale in color and it starts looking dry. The seed pod will look fuzzy on top which will be the tops of the seed. Store in cool dry place! 

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