Halloween Challenge Day 1: Killer Tomato Soup

 Oh yes, it’s that time of year again- Halloween!

 If you know me, you know this is just about my favorite time of the year. Though I play with my food all year round this time of year I get to really pull out all the tricks and creative play with my foods. I go all out, creating some creeping fun Halloween inspired foods and crafts. This Halloween Challenge hopefully will be a daily thing but I may end up doubling up on things. Last months Lunch Box Challenge took a lot out of me and it’s a ton of work to do while still managing a house full of four crazy monsters with all the school activities going on. We shall see how it goes I will try to keep up as best I can to post .

Today’s recipe is from the garden, I am over loaded with tomatoes- it’s a killer carrying them inside now a days. So I bring you- Killer Tomato Soup


1 large onion minced
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
2 cups tomato juice, either bought or homemade ( find my homemade one here)
2 cups freshly chopped crushed tomatoes
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 cups heavy cream


Take your tomatoes and blanch them to take the skin off. Dip the tomatoes into burning hot water, and leave them for a few minutes before taking them out and placing them into ice cold water. The skin should peel right off. After you’ve done this, core then chop the tomatoes. Heat in a large pot on simmer and crush , crush, crush them. Mash them to bites, make tomatoes brains!  Or cheat and use a blender , either way you get liquefied tomatoes.
While the tomato brains cook heat the butter and saute the onions till clear. Stir in flour and make a smooth mixture then pour this into your tomatoes mixture along with the tomatoes juice. Heat on low for about 20 minutes and salt and pepper to taste. Should reach a low boil and cook for about ten more minutes. Slowly stir in the cream, keeping on low heat. Making sure everything is heated through should only be another 5 minutes or so.

Serve with a garnish of the parsley on top and some more chopped up tomatoes.

Some of my Heirloom tomatoes carved for Halloween fun! 

26 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge Day 1: Killer Tomato Soup

  1. mail4rosey

    How fun to carve the tomatoes! My husband's BFF since college said he loves to go home because his mom still makes him tomato sup, it's it's go-to comfort food, I do believe. 🙂

  2. Viccy H

    I love homemade tomato soup, and I love Autumn as it's bulk soup making time in my house! I love filling uo my freezer with yummy warming soup, ready to last all of winter

  3. Tiffany

    Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich is one of my favorite comfort meals. I've never tried making it from scratch though. Thanks for sharing!

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