Halloween Challenge Day 3 : DIY Mummy Flower Vase

This is quick and simple DIY craft to spruce up the house for Halloween. I had everything I needed on hand and you can do it not just with a flower vase but with other jars around the house. Mason jars or even containers on the kitchen counter would work.

What you need

Vase, plastic or glass
Gaze I used two types, the thin stuff and a thick roll
Craft eyes
hot glue gun

Step one start wrapping the vase with the think gaze covering it from top to bottom. You can tie the end to part of the wrapped gaze or glue it but it’s easier to tie.

Start to wrap the vase with the thicker gaze, only change it’s angle so it looks more like a mummy wrapping. Criss cross it and spread it around to get the effect you want.

 When you are finished, either tie or glue in place. Glue on your craft eyes and then set your flowers inside.

An easy but fun project to spruce up the house for Halloween! Do you do any crafts for Halloween?

33 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge Day 3 : DIY Mummy Flower Vase

  1. Growing Up Madison

    That is too cute! This I can do for Halloween. We don't really do much craft at my house. I find it so much easier to buy things but I'm starting to get into making a bit more stuff with the kids. Thanks for this one, this is perfect for Halloween.

  2. Slap Dash Mom

    Ohmygosh! That is so cute. When I saw the supplies, I wasn't 100% sold that it would turn out so well… but the final photo?! Perfect! I'd love to add some blood to the mummy and fill the vase with black flowers. You just gave me a great idea! 🙂

    • mburbage@sbcglobal.net Post author

      I wanted to put black flowers in this but my youngest is expressing dislikes for all the "dark" halloween stuff. The scary stuff, I've have to really change this challenge around

  3. QueenB

    That really is darling. Hmmm.. we're going to see my aunt-in-law soon and she loves flowers, maybe I should fun up a vase for her! She'd think it was a hoot!

  4. CrazyMom a/k/a Melanie

    hahah.. LOVE it… and great minds think alike… I made something similar this weekend; I used a Pumpkin and mummed him up and he will be a candy dish now… Love the vase idea with flowers… too cute. Thanks for sharing

  5. Fan R.

    Nice project for Halloween, simple and cute. Love your creativity, proving one more time that holiday decorations do not require expensive items and difficult preparations.

    Fan R @TeddyOutReady

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