Crock Pot Recipe Challenge !!

It’s time for another Recipe Challenge!!

 Just like the other challenges this one will run the course of the entire month of December, featuring recipes whether I like them or not, or even fail ( though let’s hope they do not fail!).
 This month it will be Crock Pot Recipes! The entire idea being a slow cooker or crock pot is, fix it and leave it . Frugal, easy with no fuss. There will be soups, main dishes, sides, a few desserts and lunches.  Along with these recipes there will be a few perfect for making ahead and freezing or “freezer meals”. I will have a few tips on preparing these meals as well as a couple other frugal shopping tips, for example- shopping once for more than one meal or making one roast chicken into 3 meals for a family ! Sound good? Then don’t miss out!

My challenges have been hitting up Pinterest ( Thank you for pinning!)  so I spent a little bit of time trying to find a way to make it easier to Pin any recipe. If you look to the left of this post and any post on the blog you will see a floating share widget. You can now just add to whatever social media outlet you’d like with the ease of this widget! 
If you would like to follow my Pin boards you can do so here  I will have a separate Pinterest Board for the Crock Pot Challenge which you can follow here  . I will add the recipes as I finish them.

So get your Crock Pot ready and gear up for some fun new recipes to try out! You don’t want to miss this month!