Stormy Blackout

We had a wind storm the last two days, it caused major troubles in our area. Downed power lines, downed trees, accidents and even brush fires. Power went out right as we were finishing up with dinner and my kids and I turned it into some fun. Though they kept trying to switch the lights on every few minutes. My youngest kept asking what didn’t work, which of course was everything but she kept asking.

 “Does that mean the TV is not working?” Little DD
 “Yes.” Me
“How about the radio?” Little DD
 “Yes” Me
 “The fridge?” Little DD
 “Yes.” Me
 “My light?” Little DD
 “Yes.” Me
 “You need to fix that.” Little DD

I’m right on that kiddo, ha!

I lit some candles and we brought out the camping lanterns which can light up any room really well. Never be without some camping gear , it comes in handy in a flash!

While we did enjoy the camp-out in the living room my youngest DD was not too happy about the sounds the wind was making. It was a rough night. The trees were knocking on the house, the dogs were whining and windows rattled for hours. It got really bad late at night we would hear fire trucks and sirens and the some metal poles we had on our shed clattered to the ground causing an uproar with our dogs and the neighbors. It’s safe to say that in the dark, when you can’t see what is happening it makes every other sound that much more scary for the kids or even the dogs.  Through that chaos though we did manage to have some fun.

Some shadow puppet fun! 

My oldest daughter having a blast with her miners light and reading. Nothing stops this girl from reading! 
With the heat out my youngest daughter demanded that her stuffed animal be protected from the cold. We dressed her in a warm hoodie and she was good to go to bed. Must make sure everyone is warm you know! 
I grabbed a classic book Jaws and started reading curled up under blankets πŸ™‚ 

As for the aftermath of the storm , my yard took a major hit. The wind just wrecked havoc all around. I’ll be spending most the weekend cleaning up . Somewhere under all these leaves is my garden πŸ™

18 thoughts on “Stormy Blackout

  1. Masshole Mommy

    We lost power for during the blizzard (Nemo) that we got last winter. It was BRUTAL because that meant no heat, either, and it got COLD inside the house real quick.

  2. mail4rosey

    How fun to read with a miner's light! We try to make power outages fun too, but I'm always oh so glad when it comes back on. πŸ˜‰ Sorry you lost yours, but it's cool that you made it a good time instead of an annoying one.

  3. Pam

    That is funny about the miner's hat. We lose power a lot due to storms and I keep a head lamp around so I can see around the house and read.

  4. Mrs. Sergeant

    It's terrifying for me to lose power during a storm because I hate the dark, however I think you guys managed just fine and I love that you guys had fun doing it. Can I come hang out with you during storms? lol

  5. Ashley Gill

    oh, thats no fun!! Cleaning up is always the worst part.. but Bravo to you for teaching your children how to make the best out of a not so great situation! We love making shadow puppets in my family!

  6. Pam

    It looks like you made a scary situation fun for your kids. That is creative parenting. I am sure you must have been a little nervous yourself. Seems like it was quite a storm.

  7. Rachee

    Thankfully we have not had a storm that has shut everything down. It sounds like you were able to make a good thing out of bad. I love the way you kept your little one entertained.

  8. Theresa

    We had strong winds last week, and a few tornado's came through the state. We lost power for 3 days and it was horrible! I think that's cool you put a positive spin on it and turned it all into a good time though!

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