The Zinna Flower: Care and Seed Collection

Zinna’s are really fun flowers to add to the garden. They are also very easy to care for so don’t feel like you need to know a ton to grow these. Zinna’s like pretty much any soil and can even grow in sandy soils so fear not you can grow this!

Quick growing they add color to any yard or garden.  Pick a sunny place to plant these in the spring and you should get blooms all summer long.
If you don’t have much space you can plant these in hanging baskets, or use as a boarder and or grow in a window box.
The annual flower needs full sun and may last up till winter, but will not last through winter months so plant these seeds at the beginning of spring. There are many colors to choose from as well, so you can mix and match for what you want. It really depends on which variety you get for both color and size,but  they can reach up to 30in while the compact plants are anywhere from 8-12in.
Try not to water the leaves as it can spread disease within the plant and kill it off fast, so just like a tomato plant, water from below never above.
 Once the flowers start blooming you have two choices, one let them go to seed or deadhead them for continued blooms. I do both, taking half of one plants spent blossoms so it will keep blooming and the other half I let go right to seed. I like to collect from each plant that way I have plenty to plant for the next year.

A spent flower looks dry but some may still hold a pale color in the petals when ready to harvest for seeds.  To see if the flower went full seed pull one petal out and if it has a dried dark seed at the end you can pull the rest. Store in an air tight container away from light until ready to plant.

28 thoughts on “The Zinna Flower: Care and Seed Collection

  1. Anita Breeze

    I love Zinnas! What I love best about them are the rich colors. Some of them look like they are painted on. In my area, they do reseed and come back, another reason to love them. 🙂

  2. Growing Up Madison

    Oh I always thought that I would never be able to grow flowers. Our soil here sucks when it comes to plants. Good to know that these can grow almost anywhere. These may be my spring flowers.

  3. Theresa

    They really are such beautiful flowers. I have such a hard time growing anything though. I even kill every cactus I get lol. I would love to have a bunch of these beauties in a flower bed though!


    I had no idea about how to grow and harvest Zinnas! I just knew that i wanted to grow them when we get our new house! I love these flowers! So this is very helpful, thankyou!

  5. Melanie

    I love the Zinna, one of my favorite, the colors are sooo pretty; I just never knew how to care for them; thanks for sharing, have to pin it so I will remember.

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