Recipe Challenge Day 16: Strawberry Mojitos

Who doesn’t love a Mojito? I love that there’s so many recipes out there, it’s interesting to see the different combinations . I’m not a club soda fan so I actaully don’t have these much at all, this one though? Awesome, I love it! Perfect for spring or summer.

3 oz. simple syrup (equal parts sugar to water)
 4-5 medium fresh strawberries
 Small handful fresh mint leaves
 2 oz. rum
 2 t fresh lime juice
 Splash of club soda
 Lime slices

Put strawberries and rum into a shaker Smash up the berries and tear the mint leaves up well. Add in the simple syrup, rum, lime juice and soda. Add in your crushed ice and shake. Or you can always mix and pour over ice whatever you like. Garnish with fresh strawberries.

17 thoughts on “Recipe Challenge Day 16: Strawberry Mojitos

  1. amanda ripsam

    I don't drink achol either but Meijrs sells Mojito flavored crystal light drinks I bet if you omit the alcohol you could just do it with the Meijers Mojito crystal light.

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