Berry Fruit Salad

Simmer is here and the heat is on! It hit over 100 degrees this week on several occasions, it’s hot. Hot and icky. Doesn’t make moving fun, but this fruit salad certainly can cheer anyone up even through stressful days. The best thing about this salad is that you can toss in whatever you want. I will say that the number one fruit you really do need is the pineapple, it’s what makes the juice. Fresh is always best, pick in season fruit and ripe as this doesn’t stay fresh or good very long. Make hours before hand, no longer than that.


It’s light, refreshing and always a welcome on any table. I’ve never had any leftovers when I make it.  It only takes fruit and a sprinkle of vanilla pudding mix to make this brightly colored dish. Nope, not even kidding, that’s how simple it is.

Notice the linky on the bottom of the recipe? I’ve teamed up with a wonderful group of ladies to put together a Progressive Meal menu! We will each post a recipe on each of our blogs and link up to form a meal. Our first is extra special as Grace over at Blessed Elements has a giveaway for you all as well! You can link up your recipes below, it’ll be open for a month, so join in on the fun and see what everyone has to offer. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway as well!  

 On to the recipe

Berry Fruit Salad
Serves 15
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1lb sliced strawberries
  2. 1 pint blue berries
  3. 1 pint raspberries
  4. 1 pint blackberries
  5. 1 pineapple sliced, then cubed, save the juice
  6. *grapes are optional about 1/2lb
  7. 1 box vanilla instant pudding mix
  8. 1 lime
  1. Before slicing any fruit, wash it and dry it off. Cut, slice and cube . Mix into a large serving bowl. Pour in the pineapple juice and squeeze the lime over the mixture. Sprinkle the top of the fruit with the pudding mix. Just sprinkle the top ( you will not empty the pouch) Mix the fruit up. Sprinkle and mix twice more. I don't usually ever use the whole pouch, just until I see the juice is more thick. Make sure you mix well. Chill before serving.
  2. Enjoy!
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31 thoughts on “Berry Fruit Salad

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  3. Michele

    I never thought to use vanilla pudding mix to thicken the juice in a fruit salad. What a great idea. I do love fruit salad anytime of the year!

  4. Liz Mays

    I could definitely go for a cup of fruit salad like this. I’ll have to give this a shot with that vanilla pudding mix.

  5. Pam

    This looks just great. I don’t know if I have ever sprinkled pudding mix on mine before but I bet that does help keep it thicker and adds a little flavor. This is something I could eat daily.

  6. Katie

    I never would have thought to add pudding mix to a fruit salad. I’ll have to give it a try!

  7. Jennifer Williams

    We do lots of fruit salads as well. I love the blend of fruits you chose. We always freeze the berries and grapes we put in ours to provide a little more relief from the heat.

  8. Paula Schuck

    This looks so delicious and refreshing. I love to snack on fruit salad. My kids love it to and i can feel good about what they are eating.

  9. Brittany W

    This looks really good! I love fruit salads in the summer, they’re so light and refreshing.

  10. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    This looks so tasty. I always love lots of fruits during the summer!

  11. Lisa Ladrido

    I love fruit salads, so much so I have them for breakfast everyday with cottage cheese! For some reason I haven’t gotten sick of it either. Those other recipes from your link up look really good too.

  12. Lisa Rios

    This looks so different and delicious. My kids love berries the most. This looks very refreshing with amazing flavors as well. Will definitely try this for sure and my kids are going to love this yummy salad.

  13. Jacky

    I’d leave the pudding out since it’s not vegan, but this sounds like a great fruit mix!

  14. Kathryn Morse

    This looks great! I love a nice fresh fruit salad, and I’ve found that adding mint or basil really gives the salads some new flavors!

  15. Steph

    I’ve never used instant pudding before but I see a lot of recipes using it. I have to try it. I’m sure this will work with homemade too!!

    • MelanieMelanie Post author

      It’s instead of using yogurt, or whipped cream. Most recipes I’ve come across were just that and this salad was for a “day” event. Where it would sit out. Can’t very well have something meant to stay cold sitting out all day and remain edible. The pudding brings out the sweetness to all the fruit and it’s able to stay out longer. very refreshing!

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