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School is just around the corner and it’s time to load up on all those back to school supplies. I used to love getting new supplies, my mom would have everything laid out in the living room and we would collect what we needed. It’s not the same now though, not as simple. I get a different class list for each grade my child is in. Don’t know about anyone else but I find it a little stressful- teachers require certain supplies, brands even. While it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal one year I just grabbed an off brand thinking – oh what the hey, it’s saving money- No. My child came home with a note and that off brand item . A request for the correct brand and the reason of why and their reasoning. This was for markers, and the off brand had a few extra colors in it. Extra colors wooo! No- No. You see in this class all the supplies, crayons, markers and glue, are put into a “table art supply” collection, in which when the class does a project the collection is set to each table group. So it’s not just my kids supplies, it’s about 5 kids put together. I get it, I do- but it’s frustrating. Local stores don’t always have the correct supplies making parents search all over to fulfill the list. Then you have to get the gear to hold all the supplies! 
Stressful, I tell you, it really is, but it doesn’t all have to be stressful which brings me to an amazing, awesome ( I’m going to be saying awesome and amazing a lot throughout this post) company that not only takes the stress out of gearing up for school, but puts the awesome back into it! 

TerraCycle is a company that takes waste, yes waste- and turns it into everyday materials and products that can be used! Working with over 100 major brands, and in 22  countries, they collect packing and products that can be recycled and reused in a different way. One of the best things- amazing things really is, what they are recycling are materials and objects that are difficult to recycle to start with. They strive to increase environmental awareness and make it easy to take action. Teaming up with schools and communities even corporations, they make it easy to join in on a cleaner- greener- lifestyle. 

How it works


How it Works Arrow

In order to join in on this amazing upcycling campaign you’ll head to their website and sign up for a Brigade program. You simply select which you’d like to be a part of. The programs include drinking pouches ( certain brands apply) writing tools, food wrappers, even a shoe donation. I really need to get behind the shoe one myself, four kids I have endless years of a collection. Once you select which program you would like to be a part of , and yes you can sign up for more than one – You will then read how to collect and then ship your waste.  When its received at their facility and you earn points for what you send in. Points are redeemed on their site or can even go to a school of your choice. No matter what- you earn for your part in recycling! 

The waste is is transformed into a new product which is then sold for use! Awesome isn’t it? I was so excited to learn about this company, and I’ve been talking to our local schools about possibly joining in on this amazing idea. Do you know how much waste is thrown away at schools? The drink pouches alone! I can’t even fathom honestly, and just what can be done with those drink pouches you ask? 

Take a look at what the people at Terracycle created !Pen pouch

Pencil and Pen Holder. Just think of how many of these can be made if a school, even one school class collected their drink pouches. How much less waste would hit our landfills, and how that impacts the environment.  While in school, my kids use a drink pouch up to 3 a day, that’s 12 all together . That’s a lot of waste per day, instead it can be turned around into something useful as well as helpful to the environment.  This is a great holder, It even holds up better than the cloth/plastic ones I normally load up on. I don’t know how my kids do it, but the holders always get holes or get ripped. This has held up through bending, rough shoves into backs of bags and more. Yes my kids are rough, but hey if it holds up to my kids, it’s a keeper! 

What else can they do with packing? Take a look at this awesome messenger bag made from recycled Lay’s packaging! 

Messenger Bag

Taking something that will just sit and fill a landfill is now being used to and from school. The bag is stronger than I thought it would be, great for carrying everyday books and assignments too and from school- it gets the job done, plus it’s an  great conversation starter. Messenger Bag

My kids are arguing over who gets to use it for school- which one will be able to spread the word about the company the most? Ha, but really, it’s an idea. I think this is an amazing thing they are doing over at Terracycle, more people, schools, companies need to get behind this.
Terrarecycle products The company offers more than just school gear ( though their supplies alone would have me hooked)  everyday household items, clocks, mirrors, garden supplies even. Check out their amazing site and browse through the products, I highly encourage you to see if you can sign up for one of their programs. If you have kids in school, why not talk to them about signing up as well. Not only would you be helping the environment but you are teaching the younger generation how important it is to be more aware of waste they put out. If every school started to collect and send in their waste- think of the impact. It would be mind blowing! 

If you have a moment or two head to , check their programs out and really think if you can join up. If you can, awesome, if not think about the community? Are you a part of a neighborhood that gets together? Maybe a church, play group and so forth, schools. It all starts with one person willing to change and then it grows. I highly encourage you to check it out, pass the information along even if you don’t think you can join, or even just share this post and spread the word that way. 

 Follow Terracycle on  Facebook  & Twitter   Here’s a great introductory video from them

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    How cool is that? My kids would get a huge kick out of that Capri Sun backpack!

  2. Daisy

    That’s really cool! I love when brands incorporate green practices. BTW – I love the bags! They are super cute.

  3. Pam

    I have always liked the idea of the KoolAid and Caprisun pouch purses. They are really cool looking.

  4. Grace Hodgin

    You always find the greatest items to help the Earth. I love this and hope your school and others join to help recycling the wasted into beautiful things to be used for school.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Terracycle is so cool! It is great to read about people and companies like them who do their part to take care of our environment. Kids would surely love to have upcycled stuff to show off to their friends at school.

  6. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are an amazing idea. I would love a Capri Sun purse. I will have to show this to my Daughter. She will love it.

  7. Tiffany Steadman-Collins

    I love finding companies like this. Not only are we helping the environment but we are also having pieces not everybody has. I would love to have the Capri Sun pouch for myself to be honest. Happy back to school!

  8. Mariana

    I have TerraCycle products from ages ago that are still being used – like a Capri Sun backpack, folder, and pencil pouch. Those things are indestructible!

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