Be A Friend To Yourself

 We were all taught from an early age to be kind. Be kind to your neighbors, your siblings- to be kind to others. That kindness however sometimes skips over the person who needs it the most ~ Ourselves. 

No matter what is happening around each of us, it’s important to always be kind to ourselves. We are our own worst enemy and when we think bad things of ourselves, we are our own bully. Thoughts alone can hold us back, tear us down and prevent us from being our true selves. We can make ourselves feel miserable very quickly, ruining our own happiness by thinking badly. 

Ask Yourself Why you are being so hard on yourself, because really there is no reason, not one reason that will make it ok to be mean to yourself. We tell others to be kind to another, we tell our children to be kind to others as well, so why is it that we are being mean to ourselves? How is it we can preach compassion , but aren’t truly even doing it fully?

 Compassion includes ourselves, not just others.

Self Compassion Exercise – Think of your best friend right now, and picture that they are coming to you hurting, something is wrong which makes them very upset. You can feel compassion already for them, wanting to console, wanting to help, telling them things will be ok. 

Compassion for others comes quickly, but when we replace the friend with ourselves in the same situation our minds take a turn. We start telling ourselves to suck it up, deal with it, you should have done this or that- we become hard on ourselves. 

Now, think of yourself as your friend. Console yourself like you would a friend, letting yourself understand that mistakes happen, things will be alright. Give yourself the same pep talk you would your best friend or a child.  Have the same compassion you have for your friends ~For Yourself. 

8 thoughts on “Be A Friend To Yourself

  1. Catherine Sargent

    This post is a great reminder. I need to work on doing this. I am always harder on myself than I am on others.

  2. Trish

    I love what you wrote: ” Compassion includes ourselves, not just others.” I also love the self compassion exercise. I often feel I am harder on myself than others. This is an important reminder. Thank you!

  3. Divya

    Sometimes, when I’m having negative self-talk, I step out of my mind and just think about what I’m saying. Would I say those same things to a friend? Probably not. I think it helps put things in perspective.

  4. Crystal

    it’s interesting how much easier it is to be compassionate to others. The next time I’m feeling down I will try consoling myself like I would a friend.

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