Stop Giving Up

A lot of people base many of their decisions and thoughts solely on what is on the surface only. For example, a student must bring their grades up and over the next few days, or weeks they pour themselves into their studies. The first test that comes around wasn’t as high as they expected and so their first reaction is to get upset, they had given up free time, perhaps some party time with friends and all for what? With a poor result they quickly give up, not willing to keep going because they think it won’t be worth it. If they had kept going, perhaps the next test they would have seen a little higher score, and each test after that the grades improve, but because they only looked at the surface results and not any further , they won’t ever know if their studies paid off. 

We all have done this, reacted in a way and gave up because of a result on the surface only. While we all sit around telling ourselves we don’t do it, think about it a bit, because we all have done it. 

No matter what we gave up on, we all have to remember that things don’t happen over night. People fail all the time, and the fact that you tried, and failed says something. It means you didn’t give up as you can’t fail if you don’t even try. The results show themselves when you do not give up. Don’t get so hard on yourself if you haven’t mastered something so soon , everything takes time.

Each day strive for working towards something, no matter what it is. While the results don’t show in a week, or even a month at times, sooner or later you will look back to the day you starting and see how far you actaully came. 

Have faith, and stop doubting yourself. As long as you are putting effort into something, you will get results out of it. No matter how long the process is though, remember to put forth positive effort and thoughts . If you start the process out with the attitude of ” can’t , won’t” sure enough that is what will come your way. You not only are putting negative energy into the process but you aren’t really even committed to begin with.

Start the process with ” Can, and Will”  Really believe in yourself and keep your focus on what it is you want, where you want to be, and one day when you are not even expecting it  ~ You will have reached your goal!

Instead of only looking at the surface results, or immediate results, keep going and don’t doubt yourself or even the process. If you failed, you get another chance, it also means you tried! A lot of people don’t even get to fail- as they don’t even begin. Success comes after many failures, and each time you do fail? You’ve learned something a long the way , so keep going and stop giving up! You’ve Got This! 

9 thoughts on “Stop Giving Up

  1. Divya

    This resonates with me a lot – specifically in the area of weight loss. I feel like each time I start to lose weight again, it’s THAT much harder. There’s a quote that says, “Think starting over is hard? Then STOP giving up.” It’s true. It’s only hard because I give up time and time again.

  2. Jaime

    I love the “slow progress is better than no progress.” I have a few things happening in my life that this all applies to.

  3. Liz Mays

    These are important concepts for me to keep in mind. Doing something that doesn’t work should encourage us to try again! It shouldn’t make us give up!

  4. Chastity

    I think it’s so easy for people to give up & not keep trying. But you have to look at the bigger picture to see that it’s all worth it.

  5. Babita

    I agree with what you have written. Most of the time we are focused on surface results. I used to be guilty of doing that, but not anymore.

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