Change Your Words, Change You Mindset

 It happens more than most of us even want to admit but we have many times where we’re stuck in a fixed mindset. What is a fixed mindset? Fixed mindset is when our thoughts are stuck in a negative place and there is no movement what so ever out of them. Whether the negative thoughts are about yourself, or another, or the situation, you are seeing the very basic quality,  if any quality at all, and nothing beyond that. You do not see the possibilities in anyway.  Sounds pretty depressing actaully doesn’t it? We all do it, there’s no need to beat ourselves up for it in anyway, if we find ourselves in a fixed mindset , the good news is we can get ourselves out of it! 

A few examples of Fixed mindset . 

I can’t do this good enough.
I’ll never understand this.
This is too hard.
I give up.
It’s good enough as it is.
I made a mistake, I quit. 

In any situation, how many times have you heard yourself say any of those things? Whether saying it out loud or thinking it we have all done it haven’t we? This is a fixed mindset, we give up. That’s what it really is. We don’t put forth our best efforts, we don’t try to see any solutions, and we certainly don’t ask for help, we just pretty much shut down. 

Being able to be aware of when you are in a fixed mindset is step one to changing your thoughts. Once you hear yourself say any of those things above, or similar take a deep breath and remember above all – you are human, it’s ok. Now step back and re-evaluate your thoughts. 

Value the end result.

Not only is no one perfect but everyone has to make mistakes in order to get things correct, that means you can screw up 5 times and the 6th time you nail it!  Replace negative words like, failing, or issues/troubles, with Learning and Challenges. When we hear negative words whether they are said to us or we say it to ourselves we are giving up before we even start. When we say positive words right from the get go we are ready to try and have a much better outlook on the situation. Don’t give up so easily, try thinking out of the box, try asking for help. If it doesn’t work one way, there’s bound to be another solution, this is a growth mindset. Believing that through practice and perseverance, anything can change and get better- you just have to try! 

Growth Mindset examples 

I’ll try my best and learn from my mistakes.
What am I missing?
I’m on the right track!
This may take some time and effort!
Is this really my best work?
Mistakes help me improve!

Be mindful in what you say to yourself, whether thinking it or speaking it. You can either be stuck in place with a fixed mindset, or propel forwards with a growth mindset, but that’s all up to you.  Remember mistakes happen, you aren’t perfect but that doesn’t mean you can’t try, or that there’s another way to get the result you want. If you want to do better, then find the solutions to do so instead of giving up frustrated. 

What Mindset are You in? 


2 thoughts on “Change Your Words, Change You Mindset

  1. Brandy

    This is so true that if we change our words we can truly change how we think. I am constantly redirecting my thoughts, it’s hard during high stress/sad times but I worked for three years to become a positive thinker! It is so worth it!

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